guns of brixton

 "Guns of Brixton" is one of the greatest songs from The Clash. It was written and sung by the band's bassist, Paul Simonon, and it was included on their third studio album, "London Calling," released in 1979. I think when they used to do this song, Paul would hand his bass to Joe Strummer, who'd play it live, then Paul would sing it. It’s one of their most famous and popular songs, and the bassline drives the entire song. A fairly simple line, the challenge is remaining steady for long periods of time while playing it. That seems like a simple enough challenge, but often it’s not easy.

The song is known for its reggae influence and political lyrics. The lyrics reflect the social and economic issues in Brixton, a district in South London. The song's title refers to the Brixton area, which had experienced tensions during the late 1970s.

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